lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2009

Jewellery of Maharadja!

Lots to do give a challenge with boxes. I decorate a match box. I give it name: Maharadja's treasure box. I put in seven strass and perhaps I give this gift for someone, will see....
Lot to do haasteena oli laatikot. Minä koristelin tulitikkuaskin ja annoin sille nimeksi Maharadjan jalokivirasia. Sisällä on seitsemän strassihelmeä ja ehkä annan tämän lahjaksi jolle kulle, saa nyt nähdä...

4 kommenttia:

  1. Whow...what a great idea.
    Beautiful colours and I love what you have done with your machtbox.

  2. Lovely box and what a fab idea, love the bright colours

    Thanks for playing along with Lotstodo this week - Sam xxx

  3. Stunning piece of art Aino

    Thanks for joining in the Lotstodo Challenge again this week x Hilda

  4. Aino this is just beautiful! I love the festive colors. you mentioned in your blog comment you wanted my can contact me at (sugarlumpstudios at yahoo dot com)....hope you are having a happy holiday season!


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